HiEdu Scientific Calculator He-580 Pro v1.2.8 [Paid] Apk

HiEdu Logical Mini-computer Ace: A straightforward yet strong number cruncher that incorporates standard, logical, and software engineer modes, as well as a unit converter, Math, Physical science, and Science Recipes, chart and settles the conditions. It’s the ideal device to include a bill, and convert estimations in a recipe or other venture and It is an exceptionally valuable apparatus for schooling to assist with finishing complex math, variable-based math, or calculation issues.

KEY Highlights
Logical Adding machine
• It is a logical mini-computer that upholds the vast majority of the highlights of genuine number crunchers, for example, Casio fx570ms, fx570esplus, 570vnplus …
• Regular Showcase makes it conceivable to info and shows parts and certain capabilities (log, x2, x3, x^, ), “, x−1, 10^, e^, d/dx, Σ, Abs … ) similarly as they are written in your reading material.
• Fix when you miss an error.
• Save history, Select a computation in list history and alter it.
• Make most loved computations that make estimations quicker.

Standard Mini-computer
• This is an ideal device for everyday computations. With memory capabilities like a little handheld mini-computer
• Save history, Select a computation in list history and alter it.

Science recipes
• This application has 1000+ numerical recipes and more to come.
• Presently compelling reason need to make paper notes to recollect arithmetic equations simply have this application put every one of the recipes on your #1 telephones.
• you’ll find equations just made sense of in application with important figures that will assist you with seeing without any problem.

Material science recipes
• The application is an actual handbook. Contains the most actual equations for understudies and undergraduates. help clients rapidly allude to any Physical science recipes for their review and work. This application shows the most famous as well as cutting-edge equations in seven classes:

  • Mechanics
  • Power
  • Warm physical science
  • Intermittent movement
  • Optics
  • Nuclear physical science
  • Constants

Compound responses
• Permits to find compound responses and to settle the substance conditions with one and a few obscure factors.

Software engineers
• Can change over numbers between various number bases (2/8/10/16).
• Show shows numbers in double, hexadecimal, octal, and decimal.
• Information can be in double, hexadecimal, octal, or decimal.

Diagramming adding machine
• Effectively diagram capabilities, address conditions and track down extraordinary places of capabilities.

Tackle the conditions
• Straight condition for degree one,quadratic condition for degree two, cubic condition for degree three, Arrangement of direct conditions.

• Accessible unit transformations include:

  • Cash (US dollar, CDN dollar, pound, peso, and so forth)
  • Temperature (celsius, Fahrenheit, kelvin, and so forth)
  • Length (kilometer, miles, meter, yard, feet, and so forth)
  • Mass/Weight (kilogram, pound, ounce, ton, stone, and so forth)
  • Speed (km/h, mph, tie, and so forth)
  • Region (square kilometer, square mile, hectare, a section of land, and so forth)
  • Cooking Volume (teaspoon, tablespoon, cup, half a quart, quart, ounce, and so forth)
  • Pressure (kilopascal, bar, PSI, and so forth)
  • Power (watt, kilowatt, strength, and so forth)
  • Energy (joule, calorie, BTU, and so forth)
  • Time (year, month, day, hour, second, and so forth)
  • Fuel Utilization (miles per gallon, liters per 100km, and so forth)
  • Computerized Capacity (bit, byte, megabytes, gigabytes, and so on)


  • The design of the buttons in this application is experimentally thorough, which makes entering numerical activities as basic and advantageous as could really be expected.
  • Numeric fastens and works in our application are delightfully planned, clear, and impervious to glare, foggy, and eye fatigue.
  • There are numerous lovely subjects with various styles.

What’s happening

  • Get intuitive Bit by bit clarifications
  • Scan the web for comparative issues and video addresses

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