Photo Background Change Editor Premium v5.9.3 Apk

Thanks to the Photo Background Changer: Auto Remove Background, erasing background and replacing it with a better one becomes easier than ever before 🙂 With this astonishing photo background changer and eraser, you can now simply do the magic and remove unwanted objects or background in seconds with a single touch 🙂 This marvelous automatic background changer app detects the photo background from the objects and people automatically and removes it for you in a single touch 🙂 The best thing is that it is also possible to do manual trimming to the selected photo background on your own with brush and eraser tools in this awesome background changer 🙂 This great photo changer and photo eraser will increase your fun as never been before thanks to its tremendous eraser features 🙂

Would you like to have a splendid selfie near any cool and exotic place like the seaside, ocean, beach, desert, or sky? 🙂 With this splendid photo background changer and photo eraser, it is very easy to be wherever you want even with a simple selfie taken in your room 🙂 You can erase and change the bg of your selfie in seconds with a single touch with your mobile device 🙂

Just fine-tune whichever person or object you want to include or exclude in the auto selection to make it the way you like it 🙂 Now you can include or exclude any extra objects or person in the picture and export it like that if you want, or add any of the exotic magic backgrounds in our library 🙂 You can have a cool urban one or an adventurous nature one in your picture thanks to this splendid photo changer 🙂

Astonishing features of Photo Background Changer: Auto Remove Background, Erase, Replace 🙂

-With the magic auto-selection feature of this legendary bg changer, you can automatically cut out the people and objects from the background instantly 🙂

– With the amazing eraser you can also change the auto-selected areas with the brush and eraser tool manually on your own if you would like to fine-tune the auto selection 🙂

-Now it is time to apply any of the legendary backgrounds from our big library that fits your taste with this tremendous eraser:)

-Crop and edit your picture as well as remove, erase and change all the people and objects wherever and whenever you want to with this magic auto eraser 🙂

What’s New:
– Firebase analytics events updated
– Object remover model optimized
– Bugs fixes

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